In the line of fire


Finding flow in the search for agency, purpose, and mastery

Ecological Literacy

Recognizing that we are living organisms who are part of the living system of the Earth.

The built environment is the physical infrastructure that contains and directs our social and economic relationships in patterns designed before we became aware of more effective and beneficial alternatives and opportunities, or the toxic effects of our legacy structures.

If the economic system that we have designed better serves its own purpose of perpetual economic growth, it may no longer be serving the human needs it was designed to serve. Does the machine serve us or do we serve the machine?

We have together built a machine into a form that reflects the fragmented and siloed intellectual disciplines that we model after educational institutions, corporate organizational structures, and political systems that divide our thinking and work into discrete categories and disciplines.

Diversity has become our greatest asset but our politics, our economics, and our built environment favour homogeneity and separation. The tendency of the system we have designed toward homogeneity is destroying the delicate balance of the earth’s diverse ecosystem.

Biology provides the model for a sustainable future. The symbiotic relationships of the various organisms that form our own bodies are a model of systems that have been proven to survive and thrive on earth.